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Guide to uk fruit machine games available on the internet

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uk online fruit machines

UK Fruit Machine Guide
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UK Fruit Machines on the Web

There are currently two authentic UK-style fruit machines available online. This will increase in the coming months, but the first 2 released were Side Show and Fruit Punch. These games are available at UK online casinos that use the Cryptologic software including:

Fruit Punch

Play Fruit Punch at Intercasino UK
Play Fruit Punch Feature Screen at William Hill Casino

Side Show

Play Side Show at Littlewoods Casino
Side Show Feature at InterCasino UK

How to Play Online Fruit Machines

Both Fruit Punch and Side Show play in similar styles. The main difference is the feature games when the player hits the feature boards. However, the basic game is the same.

The Basic Game

  • All symbols pay left to right in consecutive order (reels 1 to 3) only
  • Only the centre line counts towards the Cash Ladder
  • Wins are paid in accordance with the Cash Ladder
  • Highest win only on the pay-line will be awarded

Start Playing
Press the START button to spin the reels If a win occurs during, you can collect the win by pressing the COLLECT button, or you can gamble the win by pressing the HI / LO button to play the HI / LO gamble
If you guess a HI / LO gamble correctly, you will progress up the Cash Ladder by one. You then have the option of either collecting your win COLLECT, gambling your win HI / LO or exchanging your win for the Super Feature board EXCHANGE
If you guess a HI / LO incorrectly, then you will lose the gamble, and will return to normal play

During normal play, up to 4 Nudges may be awarded at any time - these give you the chance to make a winning line by moving the reels. When Nudges are awarded, the NUDGE button below each reel will flash, and the number of nudges awarded will flash in the Nudges Ladder Press the NUDGE button to move the selected reel one position down. Repeat on your selected reels until all nudges have been used up If a win occurs from a Nudge, any remaining Nudges will be lost, and the win sequence will begin

During normal play, Holds may be awarded at any time - these give you the chance to hold in place the symbols you want, and thus increase your chances of spinning in a win! When Holds are awarded, the HOLD button below each reel will flash Press the HOLD button to hold the reel above it (you can choose not to hold a reel - simply ignore the holds, and press START to continue) Press the START button to spin the reels that are not held

Cash Ladder
Any win you spin in through normal play will be displayed on the Cash Ladder
To climb the Cash Ladder successfully, you must guess whether or not the next number will be higher or lower than the current one
If you guess correctly, you move up one rung of the Cash Ladder
If you guess incorrectly, then it is Game Over, and you return to normal play
You can COLLECT your winnings at any time, or can EXCHANGE to play the feature board
If you successfully gamble up to the JACKPOT level on the Cash Ladder, you will automatically collect and win the jackpot amount

Hi / Lo Gamble
Any prize on the Cash Ladder can be gambled upon, by using the HI / LO buttons
Select HI or LO if you think the next number shown by the girl will be higher or lower than the current number shown
If a successful gamble is achieved, then the climb the Cash Ladder by one position
If the gamble is unsuccessful, then it is Game Over, and you return to normal play
You can gamble HI or LO until you decide to either COLLECT, EXCHANGE, or it is Game Over

Feature Games
There are 2 feature boards that you can play :
The standard Feature Board (triggered when 3 trigger feature logos appear anywhere, on separate reels in the reel window)
The Super Feature Board (triggered when 3 trigger feature logos appear on the pay-line)
Press the Start button and the girl will display the number of squares you will be moved around the Feature Board you are on.

Basic Feature Squares
Each Square on the board is unique and are shown below (for more information on the unique feature games for each fruit machine, check out the online casino rules and guides) :
START Your starting Square
X2 Multiplies your Cash Ladder Value by 2
X3 Multiplies your Cash Ladder Value by 3
X5 Multiplies your Cash Ladder Value by 5
X10 Multiplies your Cash Ladder Value by 10
5 Adds 5 to your Cash Pot
10 Adds 10 to your Cash Pot
15 Adds 15 to your Cash Pot
ADD FEATURE Moves you one rung up the Cash Ladder
CASH ATTACK Plays the Cash Attack Ladder Feature
HI-LO CRAZY Plays the Hi-Lo Crazy Ladder Feature
TURBO CASH Plays the Turbo Cash Ladder Feature
LUCKY DIP Plays the Lucky Dip Ladder Feature
BOOST Boosts you around the Feature Board to another square
CASH BOOST Boosts you up the Cash Ladder
SAFE Banks your Cash Pot total into the Safe Bank
EXTRA LIFE Gives you an Extra Life
PLUS 1 Moves you one more square along the Feature Board
JACKPOT Win the Jackpot!

Cash Pot And Safe Bank
The Cash Pot stores the amount you have currently won, which must be collected in order to bank the cash. The Cash Pot is comprised of :
The Current Cash Ladder amount multiplied by any Multipliers
All Cash prizes currently won
Landing on the Safe Square during Feature play transfers the amount you have in the Cash Pot to the Safe Bank. This amount cannot be lost and will be awarded when the feature game concludes. If a Ladder Feature games is played and the amount won is less than the amount in the Safe Bank, the Safe Bank amount is still won.

Extra Life
An Extra Life is awarded when landing on this square. Losing a Yes/No gamble or losing a Hi/Lo gamble will result in the loss of the Extra Life - you can then carry on until you either lose a gamble, or decide to collect.

Super Feature Squares
Landing on the Super feature square lights up one Super feature logo. If you light up 3 of these logos, you automatically gain entry to the Super Feature Board.

Question Squares '?'
Press the Stop button when landing on the '?' square to choose one of the following 5 options :
Hi / Lo - choose whether you think the next number will be higher or lower than the current one. A correct guess allows you to carry on around the board, an incorrect guess means returns you to normal play
Yes / No - Press the Stop button to choose either Yes or No. Yes will allow you to carry on around the board, No returns you to normal play
Game Over - returns you to normal play
Super feature Exchange - Upgrades you to the Super Feature

The Cash Ladder
Any win obtained, whether in normal play or on the feature board, will be displayed on the Cash Ladder. Before your next spin, you can choose to collect the amount lit on the Cash Ladder. Alternatively, when you are playing in either of the Feature Boards, you can choose to exchange the amount lit, for the corresponding game next to it.

The Message Box at the top of the screen flashes cash amounts continuously until you hit the STOP button Pressing the STOP button reveals a cash amount Press Stop when you think the largest cash amount is displayed Do this 3 times, and your prize is the sum of the 3 cash amounts in the Message Box!

Download Online Fruit Machines

The following online casinos offer UK style online fruit machines at their casino. A download is required. The fruit machines can be played for FREE or for money

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