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how to play omaha hi-lo poker

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Omaha Hi-Lo Poker

Omaha hi/lo or omaha high-low poker is a variation on Omaha Poker except the winning hand is shared between the player with the highest hand and the lowest qualifying hand

The Game

The game requires players to 'buy in' chips when they sit at a table. The 'buy-in' is generally ten times the lowest bet limit. For example, on a 1/2 table, the 'buy-in' would be 10. However, in some games, the buy-in can be 20-times. Like Texas Hold'em, Omaha Hi-Lo requires players to post a small and large blind to begin a game.

The play begins once the blinds have been posted. Each player is dealt 4 cards, known as 'pocket cards' and the first round of betting takes place. Players can check, raise or fold in turn

Three community cards are then dealt in the center of the table. These are known as the 'flop' and a second round of betting takes place

The fourth card, or the 'turn' is dealt next into the center and the third round of betting follows. Finally, the fifth card known as the 'river' is dealt and the final round of betting takes place.

If there is more than one player remaining in the game, there will be a 'showdown' in which all players will show their hand. The players must form their best hand from 2 of the pocket wn cards and the 3 community cards. The players with the best high hand and the best low hand shares the pot 50/50. The best qualifying low hand is made from 5 cards ranking lower than 8 of different values. Aces can be used high or low. Straights and flushes are not held against the player as a low hand - so could also qualify as a high hand. It is possible for one player to have the highest and lowest qualifying hands by using all 4 of their pocket cards.

Most poker rooms offer one bet per round with 3 raises in which the final raise is capped

The player with the highest 5 card hand wins. In the case of a tie, the pot is shared. If the table is full and all the player remain by the river card (final up card), there will not be enough cards left in the pack. In this situation, the final card is dealt up and used as a 'community' card.

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