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Guide to uk pub-style fruit machine games

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fruit machine guide

UK Fruit Machines on the Web
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Online UK Fruit Machine Guide

UK Fruit Machines are unique to the UK player and can often be found in pubs, bingo halls, bookmakers offices and amusement arcades. In the UK, they are known as AWPs and are restricted by stake and jackpots according to the UK gaming board.

The UK is split into 3 types of fruit machine categories - the most recognisable is the types found in pubs and amusement arcades. Others include club, bingo and casino machines which have higher win payouts than those found at pubs.

Most fruit machines are 3-reels with a single win-line. The pub-style fruit machines incorporate features such as Holds, Nudges and Feature Ladders. These feature ladders allow the player access to second and third screen feature games and virtual-skill games. They also tend to give access to higher cash prizes the further up the ladder is reached.

Until recently, online casinos rarely offered UK pub-style games to their players, preferring to offer Vegas-style video slot machines. However, some fruit machines have been released by online casinos with as close to UK pub style games as possible online.

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The following guide offers some definitions and common games in UK fruit machines

After the player spins the reels, sometimes they are able to hold up to 3 of the reels to try to enhance their chances on the subsequent spin. For example, if the game is showing 2 jackpot symbols on the winline and the game offers a 'HOLD', the player has the option to hold the 2 jackpot symbols in order to try to get a third on the final reel on the following spin. Many players like to hold the 'feature trigger' symbols that will provide the access to the feature board. Some fruit machines have a 'cheat' in which 3 HOLDS in a row will automatically given them a win on the following 4th spin.

In some games, the game will offer 'nudges' to the player. This will enable the player to nudge the reels down to further their chances of gaining a payline win or entry into the feature game. Up to 4 nudges are often offered

Trigger Symbol
The trigger symbol is the required symbol to provide entry into the feature board and further the player's chances to win bigger prizes. Often, 3 symbols are required to enter the feature board - and sometimes into a 'super' feature board.

Feature Board
The Feature Board offers entry into a number of new games and options for the player. The player, when playing the board can opt to take the cash win available, continue around the board to try to increase their win, or exchange their cash win for a feature game

Feature Ladder
The feature ladder allows the player to increase their chances for bigger wins. The ladder offers feature games that offer entry into second screen games. The higher up the ladder the player goes, the better their chance of a big cash prize

As the player continues around the feature board, they can increase their cash win. Any cash collected during the feature game is added to a cashpot. Sometimes, the player can land on a multipler

Safe or Extra Life
These lights are shown and offer the player safety if they lose as they go further around the board

Online Fruit Machines

Currently, there are three authentic UK fruit machines available at online casinos in the UK. Two of those are pub-style fruit machines with a feature board. For screenshots and more information about these games, read our fruit machine games guide

The following online casinos offer UK pub style online fruit machines at their casino. They are available for free play or for money. A download is required.

One of the most famous UK fruit machines is the Bar X game - a simple 3-reel slot with a noughts and crosses style theme (X, O, Bar). This fruit machine is available to play for free or for money at Cyberslotz

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