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Casino Stud Poker

Guide to playing caribbean stud poker at uk online casinos

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Casino Stud Poker

In all Casino Poker games, you are playing against the dealer - not the other people on the table. Casino Stud Poker is probably the most popular version of casino poker online and can alternatively be referred to as Caribbean Stud Poker. Many online casino's offer a bonus bet of a $1 or 1 do join in the big prize progressive which is won if you get a Royal Flush.

The game begins when you place an ante on the table. You receive 5 cards face down that only you may look at - do not show them to anyone else at the table. The dealer then receives 4 cards face down and one card face up. You now have to make a decision as to whether you would like to raise against the dealer's hand, or fold your hand. If you decide to fold, you lose your initial ante and your hand is over. If you decide to raise, you need to place double your ante amount on the raise box.

The dealer then shows the cards. The dealer can only qualify with an Ace/King minimum combination. If the dealer doesn't have an Ace/King, the lowest qualifying hand is a pair. If the dealer doesn't qualify, then all remaining antes pay even money and raise bets push. If the dealer has a qualified hand, your hand is compared and the best poker hand wins. If the dealer has a higher hand, you lose your ante and raise bet. If you have the better hand, you receive even money against the ante and your raise payout is determined by the strength of your hand - according to
poker card rankings. If your hand equals the dealer's hand, its a push.

Casino Stud Poker Payout Table

Poker Hand Payout
Royal Flush 100-1*
Straight Flush 50-1
Four of a Kind 20-1
Full House 7-1
Flush 5-1
Straight 4-1
Three of a Kind 3-1
Two Pair 2-1
One Pair 1-1
High Card 1-1
*William Hill Casino offers a 200-1 Royal Flush win

Progressive Caribbean Stud Poker

To make Caribbean Stud Poker more interesting, many online casinos offer a large jackpot if you enter the game with a bonus bet which is won on a Royal Flush. Some casinos offer a smaller percentage win on a Straight Flush. The following online casinos have the best progressive jackpots
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